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Master of Science in Education Sport Administration


Master of Science in Education Sport Administration

Earn a degree from a program with a reputation for high-quality faculty who are influencers in the sport industry.

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Sport Administration Faculty Spotlights

The UOnline faculty members are all active industry influencers and leaders. They also teach on campus and are highly passionate about both the sport industry and the success of our students. They have significant practical experience, robust networks, and a strong pulse on the field. Our Associate Program Chair, Professor Whisenant, has more than 20 years at companies such as Hewitt Associates, KFC, and Frito Lay. Additionally, Professors Windy Dees and Alicia Jessop were recently recognized as top social influencers among sport business professionals.

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    Associate Professor Windy Dees received her doctorate from Texas A&M University. Her research is primarily focused on corporate sponsorship effectiveness, brand awareness, and consumer attitudes. She is well-known in the sport industry for her social media presence and was recognized in 2016 as a top social influencer among sport business professionals.

    Dees’s research examines the roles of brand and event personality in effective sporting events and corporate sponsorship campaigns. She has been published in a variety of sport and tourism research journals, including Sport Marketing Quarterly, Journal of Sponsorship, International Journal of Sport Management, Event Management, and the Journal of Tourism Insights. She has also contributed as a co-author to the widely used legal text, Law for Recreation and Sport Managers.

    As a UOnline faculty member, Dees currently teaches Principles of Sports Marketing (KIN 603) and Sport Sponsorship (KIN 605).


    Assistant Professor Tywan Martin joined the University of Miami in the fall of 2012. He previously worked at Indiana University, where he earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. His research primarily focuses on the influence, persuasion, and impact of media messages on consumer behavior across various platforms. His research also examines brand perception and how associated thoughts and ideas about sport brands are utilized to influence fan behavior. In addition to his research and academic background, Martin has a wealth of experience in the sport industry and student affairs at the collegiate level.

    Read his latest research, titled Media Coverage of Sport Concussions.


    Susan Mullane received her doctorate in Higher Education and Sport Administration from the University of Miami. A former student-athlete and Associate Dean of Students, Mullane has extensive experience in leadership development, training, and student development. During her tenure at the University of Miami, she has taught courses on leadership, ethics, conflict management, motivation, and research methods. Her areas of expertise include leadership, ethics, academic integrity, and sport ethics, and she has published and presented extensively in these areas.

    Mullane was a founding member of the University of Miami Ethics Consortium. Most recently, as Chairperson of the Ethics Advisory Committee for the School Board of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, she co-authored a Code of Ethics to be adopted by the School Board. She also coordinates on-going symposia with the Center for Ethics and Public Policy of the Law School.


    Senior Lecturer Paul Resnick has six years of experience working in the sport industry with the Florida Marlins. As a member of the Marlins staff, his duties included overseeing the Florida Marlins Speakers Bureau, Ballpark Buddies for Youth, and coordinating the team newsletter and events calendar.

    Resnick joined the sport administration faculty in the fall of 2009. He currently teaches the first course in the online graduate program, Organization and Administration in Sport Programs (KIN 601), which provides an introduction to the program.


    Warren Whisenant joined the University of Miami faculty in 2005. He currently serves as Chair of the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences.

    His professional background includes over 20 years of experience with three global organizations; Hewitt Associates, KFC-USA, and Frito Lay; where he coordinated promotional programs and sponsorships with various sport organizations, including the Kentucky Derby, the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway, and two minor league baseball teams.

    Whisenant's research focuses on gender and organizational issues within interscholastic athletics. He has been published in journals such as the International Journal of Sport Management, Sport Education, and Society; the Journal of Sport Management; the Global Sport Business Journal; and the International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing and Sex Roles.


    Erin McNary joined the University of Miami faculty in August 2017. Before joining, she was at Indiana University, where she taught in the Sport Marketing and Management program. McNary has several years of experience in campus recreation at Arizona State University and the University of Texas at San Antonio. Additionally, she has five years of experience working for a national physical activity and fitness awards program.

    Her focus of research is exploring sport management pedagogy. McNary also examines the promotion of and ethics in youth sport communication as well as marketing, advertising, and promotion of youth and marginalized athletes. In the past, she has researched media portrayals and historic media coverage of youth, women, and minorities in sport.

    You can read more about Dr. Erin McNary here.


    Claire Zovko currently teaches Legal Aspects of Sport at the University of Miami. She previously taught Globalization of Sport, and International and Comparative Sport Law, with the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE), and co-taught Olympic Games and the Law at the University of Miami School of Law. She is also an attorney with professional and collegiate sports experience, including D-I compliance, in-house legal affairs, and legal counsel for professional athletes and agents.

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