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newsweek ranked top online college in florida by newsweek uonline ranked top online college in florida by newsweek
UOnline earns top ranking

Newsweek names UOnline among America’s Top Online Colleges for 2024. UOnline is the top-ranked online program in Florida.

UOnline partners with Florida Panthers

As part of the exclusive online higher education partnership, the Panthers will provide six internships per year to students in UM's Master's in Sport Administration program.

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100% Online Learning

You’ll have access to your world-class curriculum and renowned UM faculty from anywhere and on any device.

Student Support

Our team will guide you through your academic journey, from enrollment to graduation. We’ll ensure your academic and professional goals are achievable.

Alumni Network

UOnline graduates become ‘Canes for Life and can connect with the over 198,000 living alumni around the globe.

Pursue Your Dream with Online Degrees

Is it time to level up your education with an online degree? Delve deeper into business, music, education, or the arts and sciences through UOnline’s accredited online master’s, doctoral, or certificate programs. If you are a self-starter with solid discipline and time management, an online degree will be a great fit for you. Equally, it presents an opportunity to hone those skills that are so crucial for success across industries.

Online degrees can completely shift the trajectory of your life, or they can complement the foundation you have already built for yourself. What you do with your online degree is up to you. Begin your online degree journey with an open mind and watch it expand.

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Fall 2024 Application Deadline

For students who wish to start classes on September 2, 2024, the application deadline is August 12, 2024.

Download the UOnline Application Checklist for a step-by-step guide through the simplified application process.


Complement Your UOnline Degree

We've developed online certificates that align with the curriculum in some of our most popular degree programs, helping you advance professionally and academically in unique areas of interest that align perfectly with your goals.

Certificates amount to fewer credit hours than a full degree program to allow students to hone in on a specific specialty within their chosen field. That means they take less time to complete than a master’s or doctorate. Some choose to pursue a full degree program after completing an online certificate program. Our certificates offer industry-specific knowledge that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Enrolling in an online certificate program may also help you start your own business or switch industries. Whether you are building upon previous studies or charting a new path, you will find support and inspiration from your UOnline experience. Through the Student Portal, students enjoy the perks of remote learning at no sacrifice to a personal connection with fellow students, teachers, and alumni.

A UOnline education is the choice of full-time professionals to deepen their expertise, new bachelor’s graduates who love the flexibility of remote learning, multitasking moms who want to get back into the workforce – as well as those whose passion for knowledge can only be quenched by higher education.


UOnline is committed to making your educational dreams a reality...

We do not want the cost of attendance to deter the music industry moguls, business executives, and data analysts of the future. So if you are accepted to your degree program, we will waive the $300 application fee. Your assigned enrollment advisor can facilitate this process and find other ways we can make your financial plans fit your academic aspirations.

Average full tuition costs for online graduate programs range between $69,300 and $83,160. However, most students pay closer to $41-$49,000. Graduate programs must be completed within three years.

Those pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees in applied learning sciences online or enrolled in music graduate programs must complete their programs within six years. The online doctoral program in applied learning sciences totals $103,950, but most students pay closer to $62,370.

To provide some financial flexibility, UOnline offers three different payment schedule options. When you are ready to commit to your UOnline education, choose to pay in full, monthly, or per semester. Your enrollment advisor can help with this decision.

Online certificate programs range in cost depending upon the length and type of program. Certificates in music and the arts have a total estimated program cost of $20,790, but most students pay $9,980. Accepted students are eligible to have 52% of tuition waived. Earning these online certificates requires the completion of three courses within two years.

Certificates in data management and statistical analysis, as well as finance, require four courses and are eligible for financial aid. The data management and statistical analysis online certificate costs $27,720, but most students pay $16,632 after the 40% tuition waiver. The finance certificates each total $36,960, but most students pay $26,981 after the 27% tuition waiver.

Our Financial Aid Options

Financial aid means accepted UOnline students do not need to pay the full price of tuition...

Plus, all accepted students are offered an additional tuition waiver of 40% for most graduate programs. (MS in Finance offers a 27% waiver.) Please note that some online certificates are not eligible for financial aid.

In addition to the $300 waived enrollment deposit fee, we encourage applicants to also apply for financial aid. Additional financial assistance is available for University of Miami employees and alumni as well as for veterans and active-duty military. Your enrollment advisor will ensure you are aware of all financial assistance opportunities.

US residents are advised to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the deadline if they are interested in a federal loan for their higher education.

Why Get Your Degree Online?

There are many benefits to enrolling in certificate and graduate programs online. Here are a few:

Online Degree Program: Master's for the Modern World

It is becoming more and more common for degrees to be earned entirely online. For an increasingly remote job market, this ongoing trend makes perfect sense. Graduates of online degrees will already be pros at time management and online software, so any learning curve for a post-grade remote job will be minimal.

Come join our vibrant online community of alumni, professors, students, and staff on standby to help you delve deeper into your academic passions. Come out the other side a true professional – equipped for the modern, virtual world.

Ultimate Convenience

Online degrees are the chosen method for busy professionals who want to advance in their career without pausing their present. It is a perfect solution for those who thrive when multitasking and for those balancing family obligations. It is also a great fit for those who have graduated with their bachelor’s and prefer the online learning model. Whether you must be at home for physical or mental health reasons, or are a digital nomad, an online education presents ultimate convenience.

Quality Education on Your Terms

Online learning means you can take advantage of higher education from anywhere in the world. Learn from world-class professors virtually while on a cruise ship, in an airport, or while living in a different country than your degree’s institution. As long as you respect the deadlines, physical location does not matter! Set your own pace and schedule. Plus, virtual learning means students save money by not commuting to and from campus!

Find Your Passion with the University of Miami

There are lots of different online degrees out there, from many different institutions. How can you decide which university and program is best for you? First and foremost, it must offer your desired curriculum. Legitimate online programs should also demonstrate a willingness to be of financial assistance to prospective students.

Your online certificate or degree should be from an institution that makes you proud to be a student and future alum. And it should fit in with your life – ideally with asynchronous classes so you do not have to report to online class at a specific time. That is why for many, UOnline fits the bill.

So why else is UOnline the best place to enroll in online certificate programs? Our mission to make education accessible for all drives us. And each program gives students a leg up in their career of choice in their own unique way. Some of the many benefits students enjoy when they get their education with UOnline include:

Virtual Learning Platform

Our virtual learning platform does not ask students to uproot their lives or schedules. We work around you; this is the future of education. No need to move to Miami – though it sure is wonderful here! UOnline classes are recorded for you to watch at your convenience. Live optional office hours are the only time you might want to get on East Coast time.

Experienced Faculty Expect Academic Excellence

Just because online education may fit more easily in your life does not mean it is any less rigorous or can be considered “the easy path” academically. Online classes are held to the same academic standards as our in-person classes. Online students are offered the same time and attention from professors, and much the same curriculum. Our online faculty also teach on-campus classes. They offer live office hours weekly to connect with you and to answer any questions.

24/7 Student Support

A reliable internet connection is crucial for online degree programs. That’s why University of Miami staff is standing by to assist with IT problems should they arise. Each student also has an enrollment advisor they will be linked with before classes start. And of course, your academic advisor will ensure your curriculum is on track throughout your course of study.

For reference, the handbook for online students explains academic policies and need-to-know information for current and new students. Each program has its own website for further information. Finally, the Student Portal is your entry into the world of UOnline; that is where you will connect with classmates, watch lectures, and turn in assignments.

Vast Alumni Network

UOnline has a strong and active network of Hurricane alumni ready and willing to connect with current and prospective students. ‘Canes for life love to share their experiences. Our diverse global alumni network makes the wide world feel smaller and more approachable. They just might be that career connection that you need, across the country or across town. Connect with students in your program or make connections across various fields with our network of proud alumni.

Top Notch Career Services

The Toppel Career Center provides online resources to help students network and keep tabs on job opportunities throughout their time at UOnline. Whether you are looking for a full-time job, part-time job, internship, or shadowing opportunity, our career services are committed to facilitating the best opportunities for UOnline students. Our online seminars, virtual career fairs, interview coaching, and resume guidance will help you secure remote, in person, or hybrid work.

UOnline students are always welcome to visit us on-campus for in-person career fairs as well. Or, see if the Launchpad can help bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life; they offers free venture consulting to all students, no matter what your course of study is. And we do not leave our students hanging after graduation — the Launchpad remains open and free to alumni, too.

Accredited University Education

Finally, some online programs might look good upon first glance, but lack official accreditation. Accreditation means the school meets third-party standards for high quality education. University of Miami, which includes UOnline, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges in addition to 23 other professional accrediting agencies.


As you weigh whether to invest in your education with UOnline, here are some clarifying answers to frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to apply to UOnline?

The enrollment deposit is $300. This fee is waived for accepted students pursuing a degree. Contact your enrollment advisor to ensure the fee is waived and to get further information.

Does UOnline accept transfer credits from other schools?

UOnline accepts some transfer credits, but each program operates differently. Check with the program to which you are applying. Keep tabs on the UOnline Academic Calendar and submit transfer credit requests by the deadline.

I am getting ready to apply. How am I assigned an enrollment advisor?

Not only are UOnline students entitled to an enrollment advisor, all prospective students may consult them during the application process to ensure your application shines and best reflects you. You will be assigned to one once you begin your application. Or you may fill out this form to be put in touch with an enrollment advisor.

What is the admissions process?

UOnline’s admissions process is streamlined to accommodate busy professional lives. Gather your transcripts, resume, letters of recommendation, and graduate exam results. Write a personal statement and complete the application. You will know if you are accepted within 48 hours!

If offered a spot at UOnline, be prepared to accept or reject the offer within 24 hours. Upon acceptance, you will then complete the required Student Readiness Orientation before registering for classes.

When are the admissions deadlines?

When are the admissions deadlines? UOnline has multiple admission and early decision deadlines each year. Please ensure the application and additional required materials you submit are complete. Be aware that financial aid and the FAFSA have their own deadlines.

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