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Access the Top-Ranked University of Miami Faculty

UOnline courses are taught by experienced practitioners who are experts in their fields and teach on campus as well.

Unmatched Faculty

Same Faculty Who Teach On Campus Published Experts In Their Fields Professional And Practical Experience 98% Have A Doctorate Or The Highest Degree In Their Fields

Learn from Leaders

Faculty Scholars, teachers, and researchers are exceptional educators that become your direct connection to the latest trends in your degree program, the best practices in your discipline, and the best opportunities for career advancement. Our faculty are also real-world professionals, bringing expertise in the field into the classroom. With a student-faculty ratio of 12 to one, the University of Miami offers classes that are intimate and interactive, and faculty act as mentors and advisors. As active researchers, passionate scholars, and committed teachers, faculty members are role models and guides, setting the standard for excellence.

Get to Know Your Faculty

Hear from the faculty themselves. Learn about how they started teaching and what students can expect to get out of their classes.

Faculty Spotlights

Windy Dees, PhD Sport Administration

Windy Dees received her doctorate from Texas A&M University and has been a University of Miami faculty member since 2010, where she teaches Principles in Sports Marketing and Sponsorship. Her research has been published in leading sport management and tourism journals. She has been at the University of Miami faculty since 2010.

"The Sport Administration program is a really special program in that, by the end, you don’t just have a great education, but you have a home where you can use the connections you made throughout the continuity of your career."

George Korniotis, PhD Finance

George Korniotis received the most prestigious academic award at the University of Cyprus, earned his doctorate at Yale University, while being mentored by a Nobel Laureate, and served as a financial economist for the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C. He has been part of the University of Miami faculty since 2010 and teaches intermediate Corporate Finance and Investments.

"We are giving students the foundation to pick any career they want in finance. We are exposing them to everything they will encounter in the industry of corporate finance."

Robert Plant, PhD Business Administration

Robert Plant has a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence, writes for international publications from London to China, and is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review on technology and business topics. He has been a University of Miami faculty member since 2013 and teaches strategy and information technology.

"No matter what industry you are in, technology will underpin everyone’s competitive advantage moving forward. We need both students and leaders to understand this, and that is the type of student we are trying to create at the Miami Herbert Business School."

Seth Levine, CPA Professional Accounting

Seth Levine earned a Master of Professional Accounting and a Master of Business Administration, was a consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and was Chief Financial Officer for a global agribusiness. He has been a University of Miami faculty member since 1990 and teaches financial statement analysis.

"I try to be engaging, and I try to remember what it was like when I was a student. I typically speak to our students 1-on-1 several times over the semester. I want to make sure they are receiving the best education I can provide."



When the door opens you need to make sure you have the credentials you need to run through it. I think this program is perfect for public service professionals who want to make it a profession and not just a job.

Captain John Barkley, Masters of Public Administration, Naples Police Force



Through UOnline's MBA program, I’m realizing that I’m interested in so much more than I knew. One day, I want to possibly even run my own business, which I’ve never had a desire to do before.

Stacey Humphrey, Student, Master of Business Administration student, Senior Manager of CRM & Analytics at at COTY Inc.