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  • KIN 601 Organization and Administration in Sport Programs

    Administrative and organizational procedures and problems specific to athletic administration, recreation and leisure sports administration, and physical education.

  • KIN 603 Principles of Sports Marketing

    This course will focus on the vast world of sports marketing. The basic principles of marketing and marketing management will be introduced and integrated with the application of these principles to sport and sports-related organizations.

  • KIN 605 Sport Sponsorship

    This course is designed to provide a detailed examination of the relationship between sport and corporate sponsorship. Topics covered will include the theoretical premise of sponsorship, alignment marketing, strategic communication through sponsorship, sponsorship sales and service, determining the value of sponsorship, and evaluation of sponsor activities. Individual athlete endorsement and mega-event sponsorship such as the Olympics will be examined in depth. Objectives, risks, and benefits from the property or platform offering a sponsorship and from the sponsoring organization will be considered.

  • KIN 602 Fiscal Management in Sport Administration

    Fiscal management as it relates to athletic sports administration, recreation and leisure sports administration, and physical education.

  • KIN 607 Legal Aspects in Sports

    Legal liability, personal injury, negligence, and other related legal aspects of sports and exercise science.

  • KIN 604 Essential Leadership Skills in Sport

    This course will examine the concept of leadership as it pertains to sports and other professions. Various leadership and management skills will be included with a focus on practical applications in a work environment. Theory and self-assessment strategies will be incorporated.

  • KIN 609 Advanced Sport Information Management

    This course examines the complex fields of sport communication. Students will investigate the unique, symbiotic relationship that exists between sport and the media; examine various theoretical frameworks (e.g., agenda set, hegemonic, uses and gratification, elaboration likelihood model) that are pertinent to developing an understanding of the sport/media complex.

  • KIN 606 Ethical Decision Making in Sport

    This course will examine ethical decision-making in a variety of environments with an emphasis on sport professions. Real and hypothetical situations will be utilized, and the course will combine theory with practical application. The case method in sport ethics will be incorporated.

  • KIN 608 Globalization in Sport

    This course will address the intertwined relationship between globalization, sport, and development from a critical global perspective. This course highlights the extent to which contemporary sport cultures are the result of an interplay between local and global forces. We will explore the international character of professional and amateur sports including international competitions, league expansions beyond national boundaries, and the movement of athletes. Course topics include international sport organization, international competition, sport governance, international dispute resolution, international sports law, and new media.

  • KIN 620 Contemporary Issues in Kinesiology and Sport

    Problem identification, investigation, analysis, and problem-solving approaches in kinesiology and sport sciences.