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Online Master's in Entertainment Business
Carve your path in live entertainment by creating a customized course of study in this ever-evolving industry. Follow your passion with a master's of entertainment and industry management degree.

Why Earn an Online Master's in Entertainment Business?

A Master's degree in Entertainment Business is the start of a rewarding career doing what you love most. The online Master of Arts in Live Entertainment Management focuses on the performing arts and commercial music industries. The program provides a thorough understanding of marketing, operations, legal aspects, risk management, and finance for a range of live entertainment endeavors. This degree enables graduates to lead in a variety of live entertainment settings, both behind-the-scenes and in management. Our wide selection of elective courses allows students to specialize in the track that is most valuable to their career ambitions.

Completing this degree will empower you with the industry knowledge and mastery of skills needed to be successful in various arts-presenting settings around the world. Our students are versed in the high-level execution of business essentials like funding requests, board presentations, negotiation practices, and educational lectures, which are frequently required in this professional field. Potential career paths include executive directors, festival coordinators, venue managers, performing arts managers, and producers.

Program At A Glance

10 courses

7 weeks per course

18 months to complete

SACSCOC accredited University

GRE/GMAT not required

1 final cumulative exam

 Explore More About The Program

The University of Miami Master of Arts in Live Entertainment Management is your direct connection to the worldwide performing arts and commercial music industries. This program was designed to be an authentic arts leadership learning experience, driven by a diverse and topical curriculum developed by our industry expert professors. Explore more about our faculty, program curriculum, and graduate certificates below.

Program Curriculum Program Faculty Graduate Certificates

Master's in Entertainment Business Career Opportunities

There’s simply nothing like live entertainment. And professionals with a master's in entertainment business degree are the key to pulling off successful and safe shows. As an entertainment management professional, you can live out your dream to work behind the scenes to create memories that will last a lifetime for audiences around the world. With an education in live entertainment management, you can make performing artists’ childhood dreams come true.

With a master's in entertainment business degree, potential career paths include working for a venue, an advertising agency, or a touring company. While University of Miami classes provide a detailed education in the music industry, you may also choose to apply your skills to the worlds of Broadway, touring live theater, symphonies and orchestras, ice skating shows, dance, comedy, plays, or opera. When you pursue a master's in entertainment business, the possibilities are endless!

Whether you see yourself as the future creative producer at the Hollywood Bowl, the press and partnerships coordinator at Coachella Music Festival, or maybe even your favorite pop star’s touring agent, the University of Miami is here to prepare you for an exciting post-graduate career with a master of entertainment and industry management.

A master's in entertainment management from the University of Miami offers classes dedicated to marketing, legal, publicity, leadership, and global programming. Our degree sits at the crossroads of high-stakes event planning, music licensing, and copyright law. Graduates will be prepared to navigate the world of live entertainment, possessing the academic training needed to lead and direct any live entertainment act.

Is getting a master's in entertainment a smart career move? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the arts administration field are high in demand and pay competitively. For example, as of 2021, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers enjoyed a median pay of $133,380 with a projected 10% increase in job growth nationwide.

Of course, everyone finds their “in” to the entertainment world differently. Our professors, alumni, and internship opportunities help facilitate the transition. Additionally, choosing to complete an online education means you will have the flexibility to keep your current job in the industry as you earn your entertainment management master's degree.

You may choose to work freelance-style, assisting musicians individually with their publicity or entrepreneurship. Or you may choose a remote part-time job to complement your own arts ventures as you complete your entertainment management master's. Ultimately, you may choose to climb the ladder towards an executive suite at a top management company in Los Angeles or New York City. Whichever path you take, an entertainment business master's degree will prepare you for a rewarding career in one of the most exciting industries in the world.

Live entertainment is needed to provide an escape, connection, and meaning in today’s world. The entertainment industry is fueled by creativity, but it also requires experienced people to put out fires, coordinate logistics, and anticipate the needs of artists and the public. Live entertainment must be organized and planned properly by professionals for the safety and satisfaction of attendees. Sound like the job for you? Apply today and start earning your entertainment business degree online!


Master of Arts in Live Entertainment Management $2,421 30 $72,630 $43,578

*This is the total estimated cost of the program before potential financial assistance.
†Based on the UM 2023-2024 UOnline Tuition and fees rate. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

You can learn more about financial aid opportunities available to you here.

Fall 2024 Early Admission Deadline

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For students who wish to start classes in the Live Entertainment Management program on September 2, 2024, the application deadline is July 8, 2024. Download the UOnline Application Checklist for a step-by-step guide through the simplified application process.

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A Message From Dean Shelton G. Berg

"The Live Entertainment Management program is designed for students with a passion for live entertainment and who want to explore how things happen behind the scenes. There are plenty of good music schools in the US, but at Frost, we create an environment that allows students to discover new areas of growth and build relationships with both mentors and peers that will help them throughout their careers."

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