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Certificate in Data Management and Statistical Analysis

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Course Descriptions

The Certificate in Data Management and Statistical Analysis will provide students with the data analysis skills required for a successful career in any industry, but especially in the social, behavioral, or health science sectors. The coursework will prepare students for further graduate education in data analytics and statistics, or equip them with the skills necessary to correctly interpret and apply data analytics to decision-making in their workplace. Students will master advanced quantitative and computational concepts in addition to database management for programming languages like R, Python, SPSS, and SAS. With no prior technical experience necessary, this program is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive online statistics certificate or an online data analytics certificate, and an excellent way to gain this practical knowledge. Please note, a bachelor's degree is required to enroll in this certificate program.

This course introduces students to techniques of data analysis and statistical inference based on the General Linear Model (GLM). The major topics covered in this class include simple/multiple regression, one- and two-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) followed by multiple comparisons, Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA), and Repeated Measures ANOVA. This course aims to provide a solid conceptual background of these topics, as well as the analytic skills for conducting educational and psychological research in practice. Knowledge of basic algebra and SPSS is required, as is an understanding of the fundamental principles of descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing. Knowledge of calculus is not required. Students will conduct statistical analyses using real datasets.

This course will provide: (1) a conceptually-oriented introduction to regression methods and (2) opportunities to learn related data-analytic techniques.

This course introduces the use of statistical software packages R for acquiring, managing, and preparing datasets that are required to produce reliable and valid statistical inferences. With a special focus on R, the course will cover a broad range of hands-on activities in the data analytic process including data coding, file manipulation tasks, data screening, statistical analysis, and also provide a brief introduction to R programming.

Review of emerging quantitative methodological advances relevant to educational research for which formal course title and syllabus have not been developed and formalized in the UM Bulletin. Allow for experimental instructional formats. See Course Notes for specific topic.

Why Study a Data Analytics Course?

If “data is king,” then its data analysis is gold. As the world continues to rely on big data, analytics is a skill that can be useful in any industry. Students pursuing data analytics programs online can hone the skills they learn and find success in any associated career.

Students enrolling in the University of Miami’s applied statistics certificate online must have a bachelor’s degree and be eligible for financial aid. This will provide them with access to a world-class faculty that will work with them in the following program areas:

  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Applied Multivariate Statistics
  • Computer Applications in Educational and Behavioral Science Research
  • Advanced Topics in Research, Measurement, and Evaluation

The statistics certificate program online specifically focuses on the social, behavioral, and health science sectors. One of the best things about this robust program is that it doesn’t require any technical experience. You’ll learn these skills as you pursue your certificate in data management and analytics. By the end of the program, you’ll be versed in programming languages as well as advanced computational and quantitative concepts.

Students also have the option of getting real-life experience in the field. They can use their statistical analysis certification and the skills they’ve learned to interpret and apply data analytics to assist in decision-making at any workplace, gain insights about products and services, and more.

Data analytics programs online also provide you with the option of continuing a graduate course of study. Most companies prefer candidates with a Master’s degree in data analytics, and some positions may even require a Doctoral degree. This certificate provides you with a great foundation, regardless of the path you choose.

You’ll have several analyst positions to choose from with a statistical data analysis course of study. These include:

  • Medical and healthcare analyst
  • Market research analyst
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Operations research analyst

It’s a field with steady job growth that promises a bright and successful future, with data analysts always in demand.

Benefits of Studying Data Analytics Online

Enrolling in an online statistics certificate program provides you with:

Earning a degree isn’t easy, especially when you have a family and a full-time career. However, enrolling in a data analytics program online provides the flexibility you need. It will allow you to better manage your personal life, career, and education.

It’s a short four-course program that can easily fit into your schedule. Commute time is not only non-existent, you get to set your own pace and use the seven weeks allotted to complete each course. This flexibility allows you to set aside the time you need to review the coursework, study, and complete assignments.

Pursuing data analytics programs online requires a comprehensive and innovative platform that encourages learning and engagement. The UOnline virtual platform uses the Blackboard Learn course management system. It’s easy to navigate and supports faculty, staff, and students. You can access course materials online at any time, anywhere.

Each instructor designs their courses to complement their hands-on instruction. Many also use Zoom to host virtual office hours, meetings, and/or guest speakers. Students can also keep track of their grades using the platform's grade center. This provides an overview of your current standing so you know what areas you need to improve on and where your strengths shine.

You’ll be a part of one of the best statistical analysis programs with access to top-notch instructors. The University’s online platform also facilitates the completion of your certificate in statistics online at your own pace. Although classes aren’t scheduled or live, regular checkpoints ensure students stay on target to achieve course milestones and program completion.

No matter what’s going on in your personal or professional life, you won’t need to miss important course information. Simply retrieve the course information and watch lectures at a time that works for you. The reading materials will also supplement your learning, making it easier to grasp concepts and gain a deep understanding of data. Online degree programs create the perfect learning environment for any student, allowing you to earn your degree your way.

You’ll also have the full support of the University’s faculty and staff. They’ll assist with course content and materials during weekly office hours. You’ll also have access to various student support resources, including a 24/7 IT team for technical issues and a dedicated online advisor.


All accepted students are eligible for a tuition waiver of at least 40% for the Certificate in Data Management and Statistical Analysis. This certificate is eligible for additional federal financial aid. Please contact one of our enrollment advisors to learn more.

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We are now accepting applications for the Certificate in Data Management and Statistical Analysis. Please contact an enrollment advisor to learn more about enrollment deadlines and our next upcoming start date for this program.