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Master of Science in Education in Applied Learning Sciences
Become an expert educator and master the ability to create, revise, and execute successful learning systems in all settings.

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The University of Miami’s Applied Learning Sciences program offers expert insight into the theory behind learning environments and knowledge of curriculum design that can be immediately applied to the workplace.

With an Applied Learning Sciences degree, you can excel in traditional educational settings and beyond. Graduates can pursue a career in formal education environments such as universities and K-12 schools with roles in curriculum development and instructional design. Unlike other post-graduate education programs, UOnline graduates are also prepared for professional learning design, training, organizational development roles in the corporate or nonprofit world. Graduates with an interest in entrepreneurship are equipped to develop learning products or technologies for EdTech companies or start their own ventures.

Students will graduate with a firm understanding of both formal and informal learning environments, ready to pursue teaching, training, and development roles in a range of industries. Are you ready to join us?

Program At A Glance

10 courses

7 weeks per course

20 months to complete

SACSCOC accredited University

GRE waived for eligible applicants

1 cumulative project

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The University of Miami MSEd in Applied Learning Sciences centers on human learning, with a special focus on rethinking interactions with learners as well as the roles of educators in developing impactful learning environments. Explore more about our faculty and the curriculum below.

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Fall 2024 Early Admission Deadline

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For students who wish to start classes in the Applied Learning Sciences program on September 2, 2024, the early admission deadline is July 8, 2024. Download the UOnline Application Checklist for a step-by-step guide through the simplified application process.

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A Message from Professor Jennifer Kahn

"The applied nature of our program makes us unique. The goal of our program is for students to be able to design and improve learning experiences in context, such as in their workplaces or in the design of new learning technologies, which they learn to do iteratively through our courses and the culminating Capstone project."