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Required Courses

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  • MMI 630 Entrepreneurship for Musicians

    This course provides students with an overview of the music business and related entrepreneurial fundamentals. Music business topics explored include copyright, publishing, the record business, licensing, the live music industry, and arts administration. Entrepreneurial topics explored include starting a business, accounting and marketing basics, and securing funding.

  • MMI 805 Master's Media Scoring and Production Project

    This project will require supervised completion of a proposal, business plan, project completion and presentation, reflective journal, and media writing and production electronic press kit.

Choose 3 Electives

Media Emphasis

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  • MMI 761 Media Scoring 1: Film Scoring Foundations

    Seminar in the aesthetics and psychology of mood music, sound-film synchronization, timing techniques, and scoring procedures. Analysis and performance of student projects are included.

  • MMI 760 Virtual Orchestration

    This project-based seminar/lab is designed to expose students to the basics of MIDI orchestration with particular emphasis on the creation of fully-realized mock-ups.

  • MMI 762 Media Scoring 2: Film Scoring Extensions

    Adaptation of previous semester's techniques to television scripts and performed music. Pre-recording, direct recording, and dubbing procedures are included as well as the preparation and performance of complete film cues. Each student is required to conduct his/her project.

  • MMI 763 Media Scoring 3: Video Game Scoring

    Project-based seminar/workshop designed to provide students the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to produce a variety of musical works for use in visual media.

  • MSJ 714 Advanced Orchestration

    Techniques for scoring for the modern symphony orchestra.

Production Emphasis

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  • MMI 771 Production 1: Recording and Production Techniques

    Recording studio production procedures. Topics include artist and material selection, session planning, and analysis of the producer's role.

  • MMI 759 Digital Audio and MIDI Production

    Weekly lab focused on Pro Tools proficiency and the intricacies of audio technology relating to a modern producer/film composer. Topics include digital audio definitions and uses, Pro Tools understanding, shortcuts and proficiency, and MIDI.

  • MMI 772 Production 2: Audio FX Processing and Multitrack Mixing

    A project-based course designed to provide students with a clear understanding of most audio effects used in mixing and music production. Students are expected to complete one multitrack mix a week, and present to the class their work for critique and review. Additional emphasis is placed on psychoacoustics, room acoustics, and loudness.

  • MMI 770 Synthestration

    A weekly lab focused on sound design/synthesis as it applies to the modern producer. Topics include different synthesis techniques, different waves, modulation controls, signal flow as it applies to modular synths, hardware synths vs “softsynths,” and FX processing common to synth instruments.

  • MMI 773 Production 3: Advanced Production Seminar

    A project-based course designed to provide the opportunity to record, produce, mix, and commercially release an EP. Students are expected to use their music production skills to produce a studio-quality commercial recording of a fellow student, including recording, sound design, and mixing. Additional emphasis will be placed on budget management, studio and musician booking, mastering in preparation for release, and extras including meta-data and artwork.