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Required Courses

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  • MMI 774 Music Copyright Law

    This course provides an in-depth study of the essential provisions of U.S. copyright law as they are related to music.

  • MMI 673 Music Publishing

    This course provides an in-depth study of the creative and business aspects, concepts, and practices of the music publishing industry. The course covers the acquisition, exploitation, administration, and protection of songs in the contemporary music publishing business.

    Students will also study the income sources, royalty rates, and payment procedures currently used in the music industry as they apply to musical compositions. Music publishing agreements currently used for the acquisition and administration of songs are reviewed in-depth. Foreign music publishing issues are explored as related to domestic music publishing. Students will also learn how to create and operate their own music publishing company.

  • MMI 752 Music Licensing

    This course provides an in-depth exploration of an extensive variety of music licenses and international licensing concepts. Students acquire practical experience utilizing licensing parameters. Students will also be able to identify, explain, and apply music licensing terms and procedures. The licensing of music in print, sound recordings, the Internet, commercial productions, electrical transcriptions, synchronization for theatrical films and television programs, public performances, and theatrical music productions are among the areas covered in this course. Students will also be able to identify and explain the various revenue streams and collection procedures of the international music business.

  • MMI 750 Music Industry Agreements

    This course explores the legal agreements between different parties in the music business, such as record companies, recording artists, music producers, and licensees. Emphasis is placed on the different ways of contractually addressing intellectual property ownership and usage, compensation, and exclusive services.

Choose 6 Electives

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  • MMI 738 Legal Aspects of the Live Entertainment Industry

    Students become familiar with various artist, client, production, vendor, and facility contracts and agreements commonly used in the industry.

  • MUS 735 Media Creation

    This course is intended to provide the student with the ability to record, edit, mix, and master content in both video and audio mediums, by using the most current, practical, and affordable technology available today.

  • MUS 755 Communication, Marketing, and Publicity for the Musical Artist

    In this course, the concepts, techniques, and conduits of communication will be defined and detailed – as they pertain to the musical artist and with an emphasis on the most up-to-date technologies and platforms for getting your message across.

    More traditional ways of interfacing will not be neglected: The honing of clear writing, speaking, and person-to-person skills will be stressed. We will also reveal the ins and outs of working with publicists and other marketing professionals in our field. By the end of this course, you should have the tools to execute a communication and marketing strategy appropriate for your own career goals.

  • MMI 630 Entrepreneurship for Musicians

    This course provides students with an overview of the music business and related entrepreneurial fundamentals. Music business topics explored include copyright, publishing, the record business, licensing, the live music industry, and arts administration. Entrepreneurial topics explored include starting a business, accounting and marketing basics, and securing funding.

  • MMI 632 Arts Leadership

    This course explores critical concepts of leadership, decision-making, and teamwork in the wide-ranging arts presentation setting. Through experiential learning, students practice and acquire the knowledge and skills vital for effective navigation through the dynamic arts industry.

  • MMI 637 Record Music Operations

    This course provides a study of the activities involved in commercially exploiting recorded music. The course includes an analysis of activities involved in the production, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of a recorded music product; as well as related royalty accounting, mechanical licensing, and master-use licensing activities.

  • MMI 726 Global Live Entertainment

    Students learn the many aspects of managing a live entertainment and performing arts center facility. Logistics, management, budgeting, marketing and programming within a live entertainment and performing arts facility are addressed.

  • MMI 736 Financial Management in the Live Entertainment Industry

    Students learn how to write and present a line-item budget for an arts presentation event, arts presenting organization, and an arts facility. Specific techniques and methods that are used to reduce event risk and safety are discussed.

  • MMI 643 Marketing in the Music Industry

    Students learn how to fulfill demand and influence consumer behavior through effective marketing techniques. The course provides the students with information on the latest technologies being employed to reach and communicate with target consumers.

  • MMI 641 Tour Management and Production

    Students will become familiar with the responsibilities of a tour planner. Individual tour planning projects are assigned which will give the students insight into the management and production of a tour.

  • MMI 840 Projects in Live Entertainment

    Provides for learners the opportunity to engage in the exploration, creation, and assessments of wide varieties of projects found in the live entertainment industry.

  • MMI 802 Music Industry Practicum

    Practical experience in different areas of the music business under the supervision of professional firms and the university.